929 College Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Private Practice of Medicine and Geriatrics
Robert H. Kelly, MD

About the Practice


Office Hours

We open the office at approximately 8:30 a.m., Monday - Friday. The last scheduled visit for the day is at 1:00pm. The office staff usually leaves by 4:30 p.m.  Visits can be scheduled by calling, visiting or writing.

Office Staff

Carol Kenel – CFO/Bookkeeping
Estella Hernandez – Office Manager
Diane Leatherwood, LVN – Nurse
Laurie Robbins – Billing
Kay Rogers – Reception
Terry Walker – Medical Records
Jackie Goetz – Auditing

On-Call Doctors

I rotate calls with another physician at times, and feel that this physician is equally capable of handling your questions and problems. Always call the office (817-336-3431) or my cell phone (817-907-9149) when you feel that there is an urgent or serious issue. In an emergency call 911, or go directly to the emergency room, preferably to Harris Hospital Emergency Room in downtown Fort Worth. Please call as soon as you can to let me know. (back to top)

Hospital Affiliations

I have staff privileges at Harris Hospital (Texas Health Resources), Harris Continued Care Hospital, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, and Plaza Medical Center. I care for emergency and hospitalized patients at Harris Hospital. I prefer Stonegate Nursing Center and Stayton Healthcare Floor for long-term care. (back to top)

Recommended Evaluations

As my patient, you will have an Annual Wellness Report which is a detailed tabulation of medical data that I perform annually for every patient. This is covered as a preventive service by most insurance plans when it is part of an office visit. If you do not schedule an annual visit, this tabulation and report will still be completed and mailed to you but cannot be billed to insurance. There is a charge for this report. However, this charge can be avoided if you simply drop by the office, let us check your vital signs and visit briefly. Vaccines, cancer screens and indicated lab tests should also be addressed annually.

Patients with symptoms, chronic disease, on daily medication, or over the age of 50 should visit regularly (at least every 6 months). If you have an unexplained health issue or are uncertain about your health, please make an appointment to have the issue addressed – and please see me at least monthly until a diagnosis is made and effective treatment started. But, when you are in need, the door is always open. Please feel free to call, come by, text, e-mail or write. (back to top)

Health Plans

We know health plans are an important part of health care. Insurance is your benefit and you should remember that my office staff will need your cooperation in filing insurance forms. If you hear from your insurance company that there is a problem, please let my office know right away, and mail or bring us a copy of the notice. One of our goals is to help our patients get the insurance benefits they need. I participate with health plans which I feel are high quality. Despite such arrangements, I work as your physician and advocate, not as an employee or agent for any health or insurance plan. (back to top)

Your Appointment

Our policy is to call the day before to remind you of a scheduled visit. In preparation for your appointment, you may want to make a list of medical issues you wish to discuss with my nurse or me. It is also important to know the names and dosages of all medications, vitamins, and other supplements you may be taking. Sometimes it is best just to bring the bottles with you or snap a photo of them, if you have a smart phone. I really want to know the names and doses of any remedies or medicines you use.

At the end of your visit, I or a staff member will review recommendations, medications, and expected course of treatment. If you are uncertain or confused about any instructions or the expected course of your illness, please ask for clarification. It is your responsibility to follow directions, schedule both routine and follow-up visits, see consulting physicians, and obtain recommended testing, if recommended. If you find it necessary to postpone a regular visit, please give us at least 24 hours notice and remember to reschedule the appointment. Visits missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may incur charges.

Please notify us of any PERSISTENT SYMPTOMS or if your illness does not follow the course described. Failure to bring such problems to our attention or to come to the office for follow-up appointments could have unforeseen adverse effects. Always let me know of any new or unexpected symptoms or issues.

Also, please keep us informed of any changes of address, phone number, or insurance coverage.(back to top)

Fees (Time and the Use of the Office)

There are charges for returned checks, missed appointments, copies of records, completing administrative forms, record review, telephone care, emails, text messages, our newsletter subscription, most telephone prescription refills, weekend and after-hours care, coordination of care, and emergency visits. Any service considered not covered by an insurance carrier will need to be paid by you. If you are a PMH Subscriber, your annual single subscription fee will cover the convenience of most medication refills, emails, text messages, enhanced cell phone communication and our quarterly PMH@Home newsletter. We give preference to PMH Subscribers in our practice, as well. (back to top)

Patient’s Responsibilities

I rely on you to participate in your care. It is your responsibility to schedule and come to the office for routine, semi-annual and follow-up visits, and to be sure that all questions and uncertainties have been thoroughly explained. Please, do not leave the office if you are uncertain about what is planned or about my assessment of your issue.

Test reports will be delivered either by a direct telephone call from me or my office staff or in a written summary of test results. Do not let more than a week go by without having knowledge of test reports. If you do not hear from us, then there may have been a problem. In such a case, call the office or just come by to inquire about results. The nurse and I will be happy to get that information for you. Or schedule a visit to review in detail. No news does not mean good news.

Symptoms which persist or which do not follow the expected course should be brought back to my attention. A missed follow-up or miscommunication can have unforeseen or severe consequences.

Cancer screening is your responsibility. Today, Americans are recommended to have intermittent appropriate screening for cancer of the cervix, breast, colon and prostate gland. Please be sure you do these screenings on a regular basis, as appropriate for age and risk factors. Call and schedule an annual visit so that we can arrange cancer screening.

‘Stay informed’ is a good motto. Just as it is important for us to be fully informed, it is important that you understand the issues related to your healthcare. Your medical issues should be explained to your satisfaction, even if this requires additional telephone consultation or appointment time. It is your responsibility to tell us if you need more explanation or description.

Learn about your medical issues and prescriptions. Local libraries, bookstores and your pharmacists have many resources. The Internet can be useful, for example websites like www.medscape.com, www.texashealth.org, www.ama-assn.org, or www.mayoclinic.com. If you learn something through your reading, news reports or conversations which concerns your illness or treatment, call or come in to assess how it may apply to you. If your questions are about an issue not related to your recent (prior 1-2 days) visit, then there will be charges for our phone, email or text visit. PMH Subscribers benefit for a single annual fee that covers many of these convenient communications.

Balances on Account may reflect co-pay or uncovered items. This should be paid when you visit or you may pay by mail. We also accept credit cards. Remember, some services handled as a convenience, such as lab handling in office are not covered by Medicare or insurance. Those who do not subscribe to PMH also pay a fee for telephone based visits and convenience care. If you repeatedly miss appointments, or do not pay your bill in a timely manner, you may be discharged from the practice.(back to top)

Robert H. Kelly, M.D. FACP